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My cut on cutouts

Are cutouts a fad?

I've been on the cutout clothing (and swimwear) bandwagon since 2009 (don't make me pull out my old rave outfits), but this summer they're making a particularly splashy comeback. So I couldn't resist wearing this little getup I found when I met @speckofdust for breakfast.

I like this top for many reasons. First of all, the design is completely unnecessary and therefore awesome (a free-floating collar? I need it). secondly, my shoulders are one of my best features. They're bony and they never reveal quite how pale i am from the bicep down. Finally, it was a summer top that is long-sleeve, and as someone who uses clothes as security blankets, i get behind that.

My question is, will these look dated ten years from now, or will they be "off-classic"? Are cutouts just meant for the waistline area and in specific, figure-flattering direction? or can you cut out half of a dress shirt and still align it as nuveau-classic? My worst fear is looking at pictures of myself ten years later and regretting trends I couldn't see through at the time.

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