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mixing up the classics

I was downtown recently meeting a client and I caught a look at myself in the window display. Ever catch a glimpse at yourself and be bored? I was wearing a white button-down and black pants. A classic, yes, but boring. Thankfully I had enough sense to throw on a ton of jewelry to offset the look. Also, I was wearing heels, but the meeting was 5 minutes away from home. What if i had to gallop downtown for a meeting in the future? I decided to start compiling a collection of outfits that are "spins on a classic." This is my first attempt.

The jewelry is minimal and the heels are hard at work, but i found a blouse that wasn't a button-down but could still serve the look, and i used a tie-belt around my pants as a more professional-looking accessory.

Stay tuned for more work-chic inspirations.

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