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It's true, I've waited until mid-summer to make it out to the beach.

In my defense, I'm pale and the beach is terrifying.

On my list of top things that scare me about public ocean-front (or any at all) beaches:

  1. i'm pale. what if I blind someone? what if someone sees that dimple on my butt? I just don't feel like 2021 is the year to confront my body image issues.

  2. sunscreen. seriously, the more I read from the more I become a hermit cat lady. in particular, i'm talking about . Parabens, Triclosan, Phthalates. People put straight up carcinogens into skincare products (this goes on my face!) Right now i'm wearing Drunk Elephant SPF 30 and I'm a big fan.

  3. the ground. seashells hurt! also, sharp rocks, and the spontaneous piece of glass or other sharp trash object. should I just wear sneakers?

  4. other people on a scale of 1 to 10, how much is everyone suffering from Covid PTSD? I still don't want to be in the proximity of strangers.

  5. the ice cream truck. i don't need any more temptation than what already exists inside my head.

Now that my bummer cards are out, let's look at some reasons to be excited about the beach

  1. Vitamin D. God knows i need it.

  2. Sunlight as a depression cure what's my light summer reading? Science Direct. That's right, my emotional distress, sleep patterns, and bone density all benefit from sunlight - I found out.

  3. Wearing bikinis. today I have chosen a nautical look, as I am still shy about my paleness and also want to feel the east coast vibes in this moment.

  4. the view as an artist, I need a constant change of atmosphere to keep inspiration fed. as a city dweller who spends her time in bars, coffee shops, and whole foods, it's important that i find a place that provides some serenity and an all-day visibility into the horizon.

  5. the ice cream truck. there is coconut ice cream now. the key is convincing the truck driver to let you read ingredients on all the ice creams. but there is always something that's not full of corn starch and invert sugars. summer 2021!

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