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I know that I'm a hundred years behind the times but I've honestly never shopped at lush.

I stopped by while checking out @theSoNoCollection and thought the store was so pretty that I had to ask the sales associate (who was extra super nice) if I could take some pics.

Then I got lost in the product.

Everything has glitter, the store is arranged beautifully, the product offering is diverse, and honestly the presentation is irresistible. They have every bathtime product you need, from soap to bubble bombs, and they even have gift boxes wrapped up if you're in need of a gift and don't feel like doing a wrap job yourself.

I couldn't decide between the blue robot and the sparkly peach to be my bathtime companion that night. In the end I went with the peach, because it reminds me of my butt and had orange sparkles on it.

The manager was extra nice and said they update their collection pretty frequently. I can't wait to see what they're going to do for Halloween. Do I need to take this many baths during the week? Probably not. Am i going to go overboard? Absolutely. Will it be worth it? My "me" time is precious and has a designated spot on my calendar, so absolutely, it'll be worth it.

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  • annakaas

Are cutouts a fad?

I've been on the cutout clothing (and swimwear) bandwagon since 2009 (don't make me pull out my old rave outfits), but this summer they're making a particularly splashy comeback. So I couldn't resist wearing this little getup I found when I met @speckofdust for breakfast.

I like this top for many reasons. First of all, the design is completely unnecessary and therefore awesome (a free-floating collar? I need it). secondly, my shoulders are one of my best features. They're bony and they never reveal quite how pale i am from the bicep down. Finally, it was a summer top that is long-sleeve, and as someone who uses clothes as security blankets, i get behind that.

My question is, will these look dated ten years from now, or will they be "off-classic"? Are cutouts just meant for the waistline area and in specific, figure-flattering direction? or can you cut out half of a dress shirt and still align it as nuveau-classic? My worst fear is looking at pictures of myself ten years later and regretting trends I couldn't see through at the time.

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  • annakaas

I was downtown recently meeting a client and I caught a look at myself in the window display. Ever catch a glimpse at yourself and be bored? I was wearing a white button-down and black pants. A classic, yes, but boring. Thankfully I had enough sense to throw on a ton of jewelry to offset the look. Also, I was wearing heels, but the meeting was 5 minutes away from home. What if i had to gallop downtown for a meeting in the future? I decided to start compiling a collection of outfits that are "spins on a classic." This is my first attempt.

The jewelry is minimal and the heels are hard at work, but i found a blouse that wasn't a button-down but could still serve the look, and i used a tie-belt around my pants as a more professional-looking accessory.

Stay tuned for more work-chic inspirations.

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